A group of grade 6 students wrote the following during a recent BARKS meeting:
MS Barks Students 2010

In Romania, there are a lot of dogs that need our help. They need food; they are weak and not very healthy. They lead difficult lives and some are mistreated. HOWEVER, some people do care and feed the dogs and others even go out of their way to help them.

The Romanian government (and other animal organizations) have started to work to sterilize and give shots to these dogs on the streets.

It is important that these dogs receive attention; otherwise they can become aggressive and hurt people. If a dog has a good experience with the people around them and is fed and cared for it is less likely to do this.

Puppies that are rescued become very good pets and live happy lives.
BARKS is a group at AISB that helps to do this. Families at the school foster puppies until they are able to go to permanent homes (usually in Germany). We need more families to help foster puppies.

Students at AISB help to raise money by organizing bake sales and other fundraisers. The money goes to help sterilize dogs and transport puppies to their new adoptive homes."

Students building doghouses to provide shelter for street dogs.