Bucharest Animal Rights K-9 (and sometimes kitty) Society

BARKS is a community service group that includes students, teachers and parents from the American International School of Bucharest. Our focus is the protection and rescue of street dogs in Bucharest.


  • To raise community awareness of the issues facing the street dogs in our community.
  • To fundraise to help with the vaccination of dogs in the "Homeward Bound" programme and transportation to their new international adoptive homes.
  • Sponsor street dog neutering / spay / and vaccinations.
  • Raise awareness of community resources for animals

Project Street Dogs.... a special effort to save street dogs in Bucharest!

´╗┐After news came out that the city of Bucharest and outlying areas was going to be rounding up street dogs to euthanize them, irregardless of whether they had already been sterilized or vaccinated, a special effort has been made to rescue some of the dogs our supporters have been feeding and socializing. An emergency call went out to shelters in Germany to save these friendly, adult dogs from certain death and nearly 50 dogs were rescued through this special effort. We are very thankful to all those who responded and helped us rescue and transport these dogs to safety. This effort was in addition to our regular rescue activities, through which more than 200 dogs were relocated in homes last year, and over 500 have found homes over the last four years.

Two very special rescues!

Princess.... is a heroine! She was found in the woods, where she and her puppies had been beaten in an attempt to kill all of them. Five of her puppies were already dead but two had survived, while she huddled over them trying to offer them protection. Clearly in pain, she was rescued and taken to safety with her two surviving puppies. Although left blind in one eye, she was transported to Germany where she and her puppies have a bright future ahead of them.
Princess in Germany

Princess' puppies!

Linda - before leaving for Germany

Rescue dogs give back the love that they have received, to their owners, and in the case of Linda to the greater community. Linda was rescued along with a litter of 6 puppies. fter arriving in Germany (with her puppies) she met a special man who saw in her gentle demeanor the possibility of not only being a good pet but being a therapy dog to help with a bed ridden woman. She is currently receiving specialized training to help train for this job. Her rescue not only gave her a new life, but will hopefully help to better the lives of others.

AISB students help to walk foster puppies in a local neighborhood